Hard Enamel / Top Quality

For the top quality edition, the white is radiant like white porcelain; here with nickel alloy.
Here the metal background was done in matted nickel. Incoming light will not be reflected and no one will be blinded.
This pin was coated with imitation gold in the immersion bath. After that, the enamel colour was applied and burned in at 200º.
Even in the hard enamel, the surface can be glossy or dull alloyed. Here is an example with shiny nickel background and eight colors.
The background shows the radiant white of the hard enamel. Upon that, a red logo is imprinted.
This logo shows two enamel colours and the black print.
The metal is black nickel alloyed. The viscous white hard enamel is applied and fired. Each individual pin is then UV printed. This can show shadows and color gradients, as otherwise only an offset print.


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